Written by Patrick Frater
HONG KONG – Film-makers in Indonesia this week launched two separate protest movements.

Highest profile of these is an action in the country’s Constitutional Court against the film censorship system. They claim the system is in breach of two of Indonesia’s own human rights laws.

Action is brought by the Indonesian Film Society (Masyarakat Film Indonesia), spearheaded by helmer and producer Nia Dinata, helmer Riri Reza, Lalu Roisamria, actress Shanty and academic Tino Saroenggalo. In total over 200 prominent industryites put their name to a petition in 2006, which led to the current court case.

The IFS is also behind a series of boycotts of the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI), a national awards ceremony. Last year the Citra award for best film was given to “Ekskul,” a camp comedy drama that allegedly stole music from the Korean film “Taegukgi” (Variety, Jan 5, 2007.)

According to local reports more than ten film-makers have turned down nominations for this year’s FFI arguing that the awards ceremony and fest are not properly run.

taken from: http://www.varietyasiaonline.com